Google Doodles

14 Jul
July 14, 2014 Tori Hauser The other day a Google Doodle made me giggle, so I decided to dig in a little more and see if I could find an archive of the Doodles, that was not hard. The thing that was hard, was trying to narrow down my favorite Google Doodle, because there are over 2,000 and so many of them are really cool! As I dug deeper into the archive, I found that Google appropriately has a little blurb and some stats linked to the doodles and that even sometimes the doodles are super targeted, like UA National Day 2010, Read More >

Sitewire Volleyball Team Wins Championship!

14 May
May 14, 2014 Liz Magura In a double elimination tournament, Sitewire went home last Tuesday with 1 loss, which brought us back last night to play until our 2nd loss. WELL, last night, with a power four team we had the potential to play up to 3 games. We won the 1st game and nervous for the next game, we strategically pulled off our 2nd win to a team that we lost to all season (mind you, they had zero losses in the tournament thus far). We played that very same team for our 3rd and final game to determine the champions. Read More >

NYC Design Week NOW!

12 May
May 12, 2014 Tori Hauser NYC Design Week  is a citywide celebration of everything design, from architecture to design thinking, digital technology, furniture, graphic, interior, landscape, product, lighting, urban design among other design disciplines. It includes talks, installations, open studios and brings together culture, education, and entertainment all focused on increasing awareness of the importance of design. I combed through some of the events on the site and have listed a small sampling of the Read More >

5 Reasons You Aren’t Seeing Your Paid Search Ads

18 Mar
March 18, 2014 Christy Cole It’s the most common question I have heard in my near decade in digital advertising: “why don’t I see our ad when I search?” The question typically arrives somewhere between annoyance and full on panic. It comes from executives with little search experience, and those who are web savvy. Let’s clear this up, once and for all. I’ll assume you are running a paid search campaign, and we’ll focus on Google for simplicity’s sake. 1. Your budget is too small. Paid search runs on an auction, Read More >

Building Client Relationships in the Digital Age – a Video with PGi

18 Mar
March 18, 2014 Sitewire client PGi recently launched a new version of iMeet, only the best web conferencing solution ever.  We love iMeet so much, we use it ourselves at Sitewire. Christy Cole and Jeff Perkins from PGi used iMeet’s video conferencing to talk a bit about building client relationships in the digital age. We don't always have clients who like raising the bar in terms of producing high quality video content, but when we do, we love them! Take PGi - by using the power of video, they have Read More >

Images in Blog Posts – Now Free

13 Mar
March 13, 2014 Last week, Getty Images announced that it would be offering access to over 35 million of its images to users through a brand new embed code that can be added to your website, blog or even social profile (to a certain extent). In other words, instead of combing through images within the public domain and creative commons and using verbiage giving credit where its due, people like me, can add an image using an embed template that looks a little something like this: Interesting right? I mean Read More >