Top 5 Apps For Your Facebook Profile

06 Jul
July 6, 2009

The use of Facebook applications have become a new trend for Facebook users.  Over 66.2 million people are using Facebook applications today.  Why are they so popular?

People love applications because they are fun as well as useful.  Applications are a way for Facebook users to interact on so many different levels, from professional uses to online gaming.  Facebook has become very popular with professionals as more people seem to be shifting away from the youth oriented Myspace.

Here are top five business-centered applications for your Facebook profile that help keep you connected and productive:

•    Simplaris BlogCast:

Simplaris BlogCast makes it quick and easy to publish your blog and post a link to it in your feed. This happens dynamically – no need to do any work. Now your Facebook network can be like your RSS subscription list. A great new marketing channel just opened up for you… your welcome.

•    Networked Blogs: Networked Blogs shows up on your profile page, promotes your new blog posts and displays any blogs that you like to read. If you are looking for a great way to attract readers to your blog or someone else’s, this is a great tool.

•    Professional Profile:

The third application I found interesting was the Professional Profile which creates a new tab on your profile which displays all of your professional information, contacts and any professional accomplishments you may wish to include. This app is very useful for someone who would like to display both a personal and a business aspect to their Facebook profile. I have always struggled with keeping professional and personal life separate…this tool makes it easy.

•    My Linkedin Profile:

My LinkedIn Profile application is very useful for those already using LinkedIn. This application will create a badge from your LinkedIn profile that will be displayed on your Facebook page, creating an easy shortcut to your professional LinkedIn profile.

•    Slideshare:

The Slideshare app is the world’s largest community for sharing digital presentations. You can upload PowerPoint, OpenOffice or PDF files and view presentations shared by others. This is an awesome way to spread thought leadership and expertise through new or existing presentations.

Facebook has been a powerful tool in the development and marketing of my own brand. These applications have had a dynamic impact on my Facebooking experience and will have a similar effect for anyone who is serious about Facebook usability and networking. The release of Facebook’s API to developers has proved to be a strong USP for its brand, with many other sites following suit. These applications have made Facebook a more dynamic world where anything is possible.

What applications do you use? What are your favorite apps? What are your thoughts on using Facebook apps?

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11 replies
  1. christina says:

    Thanks for the info! Interesting applications…

  2. Simon says:

    Very nice list. This is the kind of stuff I know exists, and while it wouldn’t exactly have taken me forever to find, it’s the kind of thing I just wouldn’t end up getting around to. Especially the blog promotion tool. No sense in wasting the avenues you’ve already got going! Cheers

  3. Lisa says:

    Great info! Thanks!!!

  4. Monika says:

    Yes I agree with Simon I really like the blog app!

  5. Jeff Heinl says:

    The linked in app is awesome

  6. Rhett Stillman says:

    This is great info and very useful, as I use facebook everyday.

  7. Kim Wright says:

    Very useful information! I wasn’t aware of most of these. Thanks for writing : )

  8. NICK says:

    Very Helpful…. thanks

  9. Dave says:

    The first aspect of an application has to have an ease of use. Ease of use is key to any application. They need to be easy enough for anyone to use, but complex enough to have a reason to use it. Functionality is also a key component to make people to want to use it.

    The posted applications are a great example of this.

  10. Eric says:

    Very Nice

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