Domino's reinvented themselves… how would you?

26 Feb
February 26, 2010
Domino's Pizza Delivery

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Recently Domino’s Pizza went through a very public campaign where they admitted their pizza wasn’t very good, and recreated it from bottom to topping. They posted very interesting and blunt excerpts from customers and focus groups that said what many people knew, and then explained what they were going to do about it. Talking about this campaign with someone at an established company, they commented that could never do something like that, but wished they could because there were so many things they would like to tackle. This struck me as a fantastic exercise!

If you had the opportunity to reinvent yourself using everything you know, with all the new tools at your disposal, how would you do it?  Here are my thoughts:

Gather the Minds

Grab no more than ten of the best and brightest minds who know your brand. You want both supporters and critics, and skills ranging from Public Relations to Customer Support. More than ten people and things become unweildy, so keep it as small as you can while still getting diverse opinions.

Find an External Facilitator

You’re too close to this to be objective. Bring in someone from another brand, or a trusted consultant to keep the meeting moving and capture all the information.

Boot Out The Boss

You don’t want anyone concerned about saying something negative in front of the boss, so remove anyone who could intimidate or influence others in the room. The Boss will see the output, he doesn’t need to be part of the discussion.

Lock the Door

You want the ideas and opinions to be 100% honest, even for the brutal truths. Lock the door and don’t discuss any of the conversations that happen. The only thing that will ever be shared from the session is the output.

Think Social

What tools would you use that you aren’t already using? If you were as honest as Domino’s, what would your Mea Culpa video look like? How would you rally your fans to your new direction? How would you reach out to people who had gone elsewhere?

Don’t Solve Everything

Focus on the biggest things. What are the things “everyone knows” could be improved? What are your biggest strengths that are maybe underutilized? Don’t get into the details for a hypothetical exercise.

Prioritize and Share!

Once you’re done and your Facilitator assembles all the input into a clear summary, decide who and where it should be shared. This is where you bring in The Boss and give the update. Depending what you came up with you may need to share discretely, but start looking for things that maybe you can really start changing.

Even if you can’t get approval to really rebrand yourself, go through the exercise. It may be both educational and a lot of fun!

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