Facebook Reach: Is the sky falling? No, just your bad content…falling right off the News Feed

21 Nov
November 21, 2012 So what's all this commotion about decreased Facebook Page reach, new algorithms and disgruntled brands? It's all a bit complicated (and overly convoluted, in my opinion), so I'll do my darndest to keep it simple. Basically, Facebook has made it harder for spam, bad content and content you probably won't find interesting to show up in your News Feed. All good things, right? So why all the hullabaloo? Because some people are lazy and don't want to publish good content. They want to toe the line, Read More >

Pinterest Business Pages

16 Nov
November 16, 2012 This year, Pinterest not only opened its site to everyone, but it’s now opening the site to businesses. Brands are now able to create specific business accounts that will be verified by the site. While aesthetically, the pages will look identical to personal account pages, brand pages will feature a red check mark next to the website link. One of the significant differences between the accounts is a business page will only utilize the businesses name, rather than requesting a first and last Read More >

Instagram Web Profiles

06 Nov
November 6, 2012 Instagram Web Profiles If you were wondering what was going to happen to Instagram after Facebook bought the start-up company, we now have an idea. This week, Instagram will be rolling out Web profiles for users. The profiles are an augmented version of the mobile app with a simple landing page. The top of the page features a mosaic of photos, similar to Facebook’s cover image. Instagram will select images from the user’s most recently uploaded photographs to display in this area. A profile Read More >

What cookies can teach us about content.

19 Oct
October 19, 2012 Social media is a fickle beast. There’s a sort of formula to it that is neither science nor magic. Success in this field comes down to being seen by the right people at the right time, and even then, how do you define success in social media? When your efforts are felt in your bottom line? When you’ve got more followers than anybody in your field? When you have more engagement than you can handle? The thing about social media is that if you do it the right way, there is no “end” to your Read More >

What Flo can teach us about navigating the social flow

16 Oct
October 16, 2012 Let me preface this post: I'm not necessarily advocating for company spokespersons here. While they may make perfect sense for certain businesses, they definitely are not for everyone. An article from Chief Marketer last month highlighted the success of Flo, the corporate spokeswoman for Progressive. But what I found most valuable from this piece wasn't the benefits of creating a character like Flo for your company. Instead, Progressive's strategic approach to social (which just happens to Read More >

Why Google Tag Manager Puts Your Agency In The Hot Seat

02 Oct
October 2, 2012 I hate managing tags. Ad tags, conversion scripts, analytics tracking... I hate them all with an equal passion. Yet in the world of digital marketing they are invaluable. So I can't just ignore them. But thanks (again) to Google, maybe I can. Yesterday Google Tag Manager was announced, and I'm feeling a little better about life in general. Thanks, Google! With Tag Manager, the chance of a client accidentally removing a tag drops greatly. The chance of forgetting a tag is effectively zero, because Read More >