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Are Google+ Pages for Business Right for Your Brand?

09 Nov
November 9, 2011
Google+ Pages present a new opportunity for brands to be represented and interact with their audience in social media. For brands with a social presence -- or who would like one -- Sitewire strongly recommends Google+ Pages as a next step in improving visibility online. Do I need a Google+ Page if I already have a Facebook Page? With very few exceptions, yes! The adage says to "fish where the fish are," and Google+ and Facebook represent different ponds of active users. The Google+ user base Read More >

Early evaluation of the marketing impact of Google+

30 Jun
June 30, 2011
Two days ago, the buzz on the internet was all about Google+. (No, not Google +1. Drop the numeral and remove a space. How's that for clarity of branding?) A handful of techno-nerds had their hands on it for a while, telling us that Google was finally making a solid push for the social space. And we waited. But not for long. Last night many of us who can't stand to be anywhere other than the bleeding edge were allowed inside. Productivity dropped to all time lows as we kicked the tires Read More >

Is Google +1 The New “Like” Button?

14 Apr
April 14, 2011
Google is making significant effort in 2011 to blend social elements into its standard search results. In February, Google launched an update to further integrate Twitter, Flickr and Quora information within its standard search results. Only one month later, nearly a year after Facebook’s launch of the “Like” button, Google announced its rival, the “+1” button. Google +1 Google now enables you to share recommendations within search results. To recommend something, simply select the Read More >

Yahoo! Search Direct Competing With Google Instant

12 Apr
April 12, 2011
Yahoo! recently rolled out its rival to Google Instant, called Yahoo! Search Direct. Similar to Google Instant, Search Direct provides “Answers” to a user’s query as the user types. Yahoo! claims its new feature is faster and produces more relevant results than Google Instant. Yahoo! claims Search Direct supports 15 different categories at this time, but could eventually expand to include hundreds of categories. Some of the categories at this point include sports, music, celebrities, weather, Read More >

Avoid Black-Hat Like The Black Plague: Ask Questions

18 Feb
February 18, 2011
By now, you’ve heard the story about how retailing giant JC Penny got caught up in the perils of “link building.” Google is applying little “negative feedback” (my term) which will likely prove more costly than the fees they paid to the black-hat-wearing SEO firm that did the deed. Several SEO pundits, including Search Engine Land, have analyzed the recent situation so there’s nothing much more we can add to the story. Except this: be very, very careful. It’s far too easy for a Read More >

Announcing Baby Jesus with Social Media

21 Dec
December 21, 2010
As I anxiously await the birth of my first son (my wife is due on Christmas day… and no, we are not going to name him Baby Jesus) I’m preemptively marveling at the role social media will likely play in his arrival.  There will not be a new star announcing his birth (can’t afford it with the economy being what it is) but rather friends and family anticipating his arrival will likely have their sights set on Facebook instead. Watch this Nativity story told through Google, Facebook, Twitter Read More >